With so many retail jewellery outlets, online shops and boutique designers out there, things can get very confusing. Take a moment to learn a bit about me...



I am fully qualified.
Make no mistake about it, I've paid my dues.

I have completed a Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture at Fairfield NMIT, where I not only built up the skills needed to work in the industry, but was also awarded the 'Apprentice of the Year' award. During this time I was picked up by a well established jeweller in Melbourne as an apprentice where I learned the hands-on experience that only working in the industry can provide, where I have been ever since.

I have also studied Diploma of Jewellery Engineering and have a Certificate IV in Applied Design, where I honed my skills as a creator, rather than just a manufacturer.




My pieces are unique.
Everything is handcrafted, not mass-produced.

All jewellery pieces I produce are original or made to order. All pieces are custom made to your size, metal and stone requirements. I work together with you to create your individual piece, involving you in the creative process.

The end result is a piece that you can wear with pride knowing that there is no match. All of my jewellery wears an 'A' hallmark, bearing the initial of its creator and acknowledging it as an individual artifact.







I'm creative at heart.
I'm artistic, passionate, and definitely not a numbers person.

Being able to create unique jewellery pieces with your ideas on a daily basis means I love my job. I take a lot of pride in what I do which can be seen in the quality of my work.

During the creative process I incorporate distinctive features into the design, customise the piece to represent the occasion. Every piece I produce incorporates a piece of you, your special occasion or individual features, making it a truly unique item.









This is me.
No retail shop, no huge over-heads, no drama.

I have been in the sales and manufacturing sectors of the Jewellery industry for a while now, so I know how things can go wrong. When you consult with me, you are talking directly with the jeweller. I can tell you what is and isn't achievable, the authenticity of your precious stones and metal and how much time things will take. There is nobody making promises they can't keep.

Every new project involves a fresh and individual approach, where I listen to your ideas or what you want your piece to be (and usually break out the sketch-pad during consultations!).






Here's my process:

Initial consultation
• Discussing your requirements, ideas and budget
• Preliminary sketching of your ideas
• Assessing used jewellery pieces to be re-modelled or repaired (if needed)
• Record sizing requirements
• Exploring material options
• Exploring possible directions for the jewellery design
• Advise on materials and processes that are realistic to your budget
• Basic knowledge of the quality of materials to be used

I send you an estimate with a sketch outlining the refined idea for your jewellery piece

• The materials are sourced and made ready for production
• I create your jewellery piece (this is where the magic happens!!)
• Arrange progress consultation before stones are set to check sizing (if needed)

Final consultation
• Presentation of your jewellery piece and related documtation (if any)
• Advice on how to care for your item